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Learning OPM

Learning OPMSM starts with your willingness to understand and visualize a different way of organizing and managing your business.


One – Participate in an OPM Workshop.  OPM Workshops are one day sessions held at national, state or regional events or a location of your choice.  The one day workshop provides an introduction to OPM principles and provides an overview of the benefits of this unique system.

Two – Enroll in the OPM training program.  There are two five session courses designed to teach OPM.  The first course, Learning Optimum Provision ManagementSM is designed to thoroughly convey OPM’s Provision Principles.  The second course, Implementing Optimum Provision Management provides application training and helps you integrate OPM into all your processes.  Each five session course is taught over the course of a year at a location convenient to you requiring two years to complete the program.

Three – The OPM Network.  Still in its formulation, The OPM Network is a learning and collaborative environment among OPM companies and OPM coaches to nuture the OPM way.  It is intended to provide ongoing support and application of OPM.


In a Word, Benefits

Through Lean and OPM’s Provision Principles the system engages your entire organization in resource optimization. OPM helps landscape service companies thrive through applied management.  It reinvents and revitalizes your company.

What is the OPM Way?

The OPM system increases customer satisfaction and organizational effectiveness.  It sharpens your insight and control of the five interdependent business management essentials.

1.    A clear understanding of your company’s purpose and abilities.
2.    An organizational arrangement that creates and sustains leadership and responsibility.
3.    Development and use of company-wide interoperable skills and processes.
4.    Implementation of a waste-free service delivery system.
5.    Cultivation and maintenance of disciplined execution.

Optimum Ways:

As an innovative business management system, OPM helps you understand and implement new processes that improve your service delivery and customer satisfaction.  It prepares your company to function differently.  Unlike other management systems, with OPM all your resources are united  into interdependent roles. OPM instills each individual on your team with a wide range of skills so that they too can optimize resources.

OPM is not easy.  It requires application of provision principles Lean processes, interoperability and organizational discipline.  It is validated by your company’s increased effectiveness and more satisfied customers.  To explore and learn OPM you must participate in an OPM workshop and training  program.

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